By Babajide Obafemi

This endsars protest is gathering momentum every day. The crowd of youths gathering with passion, energy and the relief materials been shared to re-energise protesters is unprecedented.

My simple advice to Mr President or his advisers is that PMB needs to address the nation, most especially the protesters by himself using a calm, soothing and pleading language.

The economy is bad no doubt, but, APC knew this before pledging heaven and earth to resuscitate it. The endsars protest is beyond police brutality, it goes down to announce the difficulty people go through to make ends meet. It goes down to announce how cruel government policies of increasing fuel and electricity tariff immediately after lockdown are. It goes down to say that those who wrote PMB’s independence speech, compearing our petroleum sales tariff to that of Saudi Arabia are myopic.

PMB needs to talk now, brutality or forcing this protest to stop could snowball it to something else. If the protest is not happening in a few northern states, the south here is almost on total shut down. It doesn’t take too long before it will spread like wildfire.

The time to act like elders who knows what they are doing is now. You can’t match the energy, unity or commitment of the youths, you can only use wisdom.

Wisdom is highly required now!

I stand with the youths in ending police brutality and economic hardship.

Obafemi writes from Lagos.

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