In Ilorin and its environs, the name Oriyomi sesede is a crowd puller as he is the new kid on the block. A talented, humble and enterprising young man, Oriyomi’s baritone voice keeps fuji lovers on their feet till the wee hours of dawn at every show.
In an exclusive interview with News Hub Mag! recently, born Azeez Olatunji, Oriyomi sesede talked about his sojourn in the music industry among other sundry issues.
An ardent fan of Remi Aluko better known as Igwe Baba bosede, Oriyomi also talks about his dreams and aspirations in the industry. Enjoy

The name, Oriyomi sesede?

Yes, you know there would have been one or two things that one has encountered before taking up such name. I sat down and reasoned how my master’s issue happened and I thought that there have been many challenges that God has helped one to over come without one been aware of such. But most importantly, I felt that the best way to summarize what has happened to me is to say ‘Oriyomi’ because my being alive today is by divine intervention.

Also, there was a time I went to where one of my ogas in this industry, Alhaji Ganiyu Abefe, was performing at Asadam area. He invited me to take the stage after him and in inviting me he called me; Oriyomi sesede. I loved it and decided to add it to my name, that is how I came about my stage name Oriyomi sesede.

Sojourn in music

I started music like a joke with my close friend Sulieman who later began my master in this profession. He is talented.  He just called me one day and said I should be his backup singer and given that he was a talented musician and we were very close I agreed it was better.

We were living at Gambari Ogbomoso then, so every evening we would gather together to entertain people. We started around 2005 gradually we began to grow and at a time we were about 15 in number. We had every position a music band would have.

Unfortunately, when money wasn’t forth coming some of our members began to withdraw and our number reduced to like four or five. At a point, my master and friend, Sulieman called me and told me that he was coming to Ilorin to stay with his brother and wanted me to come along with him. I obliged him and that was how we came to Ilorin. I never planed to Ilorin but that was how I found myself in Ilorin.

So, when we got to Ilorin, we continued our trade and became very popular among residents at Shao-Garage area especially the those around the payabayaba area.

We didn’t give a name to our band then but my master was nicked named Darela Omo Mayekun and that was what we were all called.

It was when we got to Ilorin that I began to learn driving. So whenever we don’t have any show I will go for transport so after god sent me a benefactor who bought a trailer for me. Whenever, there is no show now I travel.

From being a back-up singer to a full-fledged singer

There is this believe among we in this part of the world that when someone is about to die, he or she might start to set things in motion of how they want things to be done when he/she had gone to the great beyond.

I believe that was what transpired between me and my master just before he died. He called me some times before his death and said I should start singing and he would be my back-up singer. Remember I told you, he had earlier called me to be his back-up singer right from the beginning when we started the journey.

So, when he said I should sing and he would back me up, it sounded somehow to me because he was a very talented singer. One Simoni was a witness that day when he said I should be singing and he would back me up. I did and he backed me up. About a week after that incident, he took ill and never recovered from that illness.

Even if I don’t want to sing after his death whenever I remember that incident, I would change my mind because I know that I must never let him down even in death.

Challenges faced in the music industry  

Ah! There are so many challenges in the music industry starting from the instruments we rent, for some of us that are yet to get our own.

Also, the boys we have to take to shows and so many other things including the efforts to grow and be known in this industry it is somehow very hard.

Again, when we sing there are things, we sing about that some of our fans will misunderstand and this would turn to something else for us and might even start another problem among our different fans.


I must specially thank Alhaji Amolelola a veteran musician here in Ilorin from Ita-Adu area. He was the one who assisted my late master to join Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), Kwara state chapter and when I started too, he was the one who took me as his son. God sent him to me in this career and he stood solidly behind me in everything.

I also thank the executives and members of the Kwara state chapter of Fuji Musician Association of Nigeria (FUMAN) for their solidarity. We are one big family and this present executive is building on that legacy. 

Plans for the future

All the good things that my seniors and mentors in this industry have achieved and are achieving are the things I pray and work for. I intend to also ply my trade to the four corners of this country and even outside the shores of this country.

So, my prayer to God is that I will also build houses, travel outside the country and do many other good things to through his music.

But for now, having my own complete instrument is my main focus and that is what I am working towards right now.

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