2023 Presidency: KOGI Clergy Makes Case for Atiku


A Kogi State based pastor, Stanley Ajileye, has called on Nigerians to settle for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the next president of Nigeria.

Pastor Ajileye in a chat with selected media, opined that, in coming election, Nigerians have a choice to make between voting for civil war or to voting for peace.

Pastor Stanley Ajileye, who is a front line Media consultant in the state, said on sunday that, Atiku is the only option for the nation, if we want to tackle insurgency decisively, without it resulting in civil war.

The truth, according to him, is that, any president that comes after buhari, “will face the first challenge of confronting the foreign mercenaries and terrorists.

Ajileye said, none of the presidential candidates will condone these terrorists because, their mission is to undermine any government of this nation and no serious will fold its arm to watch them to continue their carnages.

“But the only person who can confront them without necessirily sparking avoidable war, is Atiku…” the clergy posited.

“If Obi or Tinubu wages war against them, it will be considered as ethnic cleansing which may result in civil war.

He recalled how the coup of 1966 led by an Igbo officer was interpreted ethnically, and the counter coup that came six months after, also was looked at, in ethnic colouration which eventual led to civil war.

He said, that was why In 1983, when another coup came, against the civilian regime of Shagari, a fulani, the Nigerian Army were careful not to make Gen. Idiagbon Head of State, despite the fact that, he was the most Senior officer.
It was realized that, if a yoruba man becomes head of state, the coup will be misinterpreted to mean another phase of ethnic agenda which may ignite another war.

“So, Buhari, a fulani was brought in to make it look like fulani against fulani. That is what we need now if we dont want war”. he argued.

“As it is today, Atiku is the only one that can wage war against the terrorists without it degenerating to civil war” Ajileye said.


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