9 Positive steps to make your relationship thrive

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Rome they say, ‘is not built in a day’, so are relationships. Whether you are considering friendship, business-ship or a love-ship. All requires great interest, effort and sacrifice to make every relationship works.

To keep your relationship afloat and thriving, you need to keep an open and honest relationship with your partner. Share your innermost feelings.

There are secrets to a flourishing and long lasting relationship. Below are few steps to build a healthy relationship:

1. Communication

Commnication is the core of any relationship, its a necessary skill to learn and have. If you can’t openly and honestly communicate with your partner, your relationship will suffer. Communication is twoway channel, there should always be a feedback and clear understanding in your conversation.

Tell your partner what you want, what you need, what bothers you, how you’re feeling, etc. and ask them to return the favor. However, this doesn’t mean that you should say every thought that pops into your head: be respectful and kind as well. Effective communication can help you move past hardships as a couple, and it can also prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.

2. Commitment

If you want a long-term relationship, both partners need to commit to that shared future. Commitment can be scary, but it is also tremendously important. If both partners are committed into the relation, you’d learn to easily sacrifce for each other. When both partners are dedicated to making the relationship work, they can effectively move past both little problems because they are committed to staying together.

3. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very important virtue, and nobody is perfect in this world.

Don’t hold grudges till the next day, settle issues immediately. Unforgiveness breeds bitterness. Learn to forgive and let go once apologies has been tendered concerning the issue. Avoid unnecessary incessant arguments, it bridges gap in a relationship. Keep every ego aside, apologise respectfully and calmly. ‘A calm answer turns away wrath’ so says the good Book. Resolve any argument and move on.

4. Appreciation

Learn to appreciate each other. As simple as it sounds, it’s difficult for some people to appreciate their partner. Efforts must be intentionally put in place to appreciate your partner. Learn to do that whether or not a gift is involved. The presence of your partner is alone appreciation. Acknowledgement paves the way for greater and better behavioural output. Say thank you even at the smallest act or gift given.

5. Meet your partners core need.

Everyone has a language that they want people to understand. Communication and transaction cannot come to fruition if there is a language barrier. All I’m trying to say is recognize the need of your partner and respond accordingly. Try and be sensitive to their desires, surprise them often, no matter how little, it will go a long way. Be familiar with what your partner loves if you are not sure about that, consult their closest friend or family for such information but nothing is more fulfilling than knowing the things your partner loves. Love is not just mere words but an action word. Speak your partner’s language!

6. Work Together

Learn to do things together, work on a project together, solve things together, share ideas and work through them by sharing your thoughts, rendering help to each other where and when necessary. This help create bond between you two.

A relationship requires you to wear different hats at various times. Sometimes you may have to listen to your partner patiently and offer support. At other times, you must offer unbiased, constructive criticism or a different perspective to help them make better, informed choices. Of course, there will be times when your partner will have to step into those roles for you as well. Your combined strengths compensate for each other’s weaknesses and help you work through challenging situations effectively. As different individuals, you have to team up together to work on your relationship.

7. Spend Quality Time

How do two strangers become inseparable and end up totally in love? Well, it is all about spending quality time with each other and prioritizing your relationship. The time spent together helps to know your partner better. It opens communication channels and helps in building your friendship and fostering trust for each other. It can be a small task like taking a walk together or watching movies together, but it can do wonders for your relationship.

8. Trust

Having trust in a relationship signals longevity and permanence. However, if you lack this ingredient, it is not a healthy, secure, and stable relationship. Trust can be built with time and grows stronger if you are both willing to work on having a healthy relationship and grow together. You can’t make your love life exciting and fulfilling if the element of trust is missing.

Being open and transparent about everything, respecting your partner’s boundaries and privacy, and forgiving and moving on from past mistakes are keys to maintaining trust and honesty in a relationship.

9. Give Each Other Space

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be with him or her 24/7. You are two separate individuals who need your space and freedom. So, hang out with your friends, pamper yourself at the spa, or just spend some time alone reading a book or watching TV. Let your partner do the same.

Maintaining your individuality is essential in any relationship. So take time to work on yourself, which will positively reflect on your relationship as well.

As patners/ couples, If you eat, breathe, live and sleep together all the time, it is perfectly okay. However, having your own individual time is equally important. When in a relationship, you should never lose yourself. Of course, you both may spark changes in each other, but you can always retain the charm and personality that makes you different and induce it in your relationship.

Setting healthy boundaries in relationships may help reduce codependency. They create a sense of mutual respect and ensure individual well-being.

In addition, relationship is a very crucial aspect of our lives. It takes more than love but effort, dedication, patience and hardwork to build a lasting successful and desired relationship. It may sound surprising to some but love is not the only criteria to make a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Love isn’t just a matter of luck; it requires dedication and a good attitude. There are many secrets to a long-lasting relationship, but if you make these strategies a habit and share them with your partner, you can build a strong foundation for the future.

Don’t forget openness is highly paramount in a relationship.

See you next week!


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