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Alamope is a Goal!!!

By Tunde Razaq

It was a cool afternoon breathing a cool breeze all over, though the body system was somehow, due to the sad news of the demise of a corp member serving with the Channels television who was killed by a stray bullet during the Shiites / Police clash in Abuja.

My morale was down because as a pen pusher, it can be any of us in the search of breaking news that will make the news of the day. Ideally, for the sacrifices for Fatherland, the killing of the corps member should be mourned as a national tragedy.

Meanwhile with my body system pale, I nonetheless decided to be on my gadget as usual, only to find a story that made my day revealing that my Crush is now a ministerial nominee along side the former Minister of Information Lai Muhammed from Kwara State.

Although I have some questions that beg some answers about the returning of some ex-ministers on the list because of their ineptitude and woeful performance. I dont see the reason of retuning Adamu Adamu, Chris Ngige.

It might or might not have been rough road to the composition of the long awaited list as Baba Buhari was quoted to have said he is in search of competency and integrity couple with Party loyalty in forming a cabinet. As a tradition and requirements of the law, the nominees have since undergone security vetting or proper security screening before their names were sent to the senate.

Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki, born May 3, 1965, and raised in a loving home by her father, the Fulani-Yoruba Muslim legend, Dr. Olusola Saraki of Kwara State, the Senate Leader of the Second Republic and her Christian mother, Mrs. Florence Saraki who hailed from Ondo State from whom she imbibed her impressive work-ethic and passion for social issues, it’s indeed a wonderful and joyous moment for all Kwarans.

Ever since l knew GRS, she was blessed with direct access to people from all backgrounds and the issues that affect them, as the exposure and parental example went on to determine her decision to enter into the field of politics and informs the approach of humility, empathy and tolerance that endears her to her constituents and colleagues to this day. Early in her life she took more than passing interests in the lives of the people and she developed a deeper passion to make positive marks, no wonder she is building a stronger political fence in the state as she tends to build more people around her.

Brilliant Gbemi according to her profile attended the prestigious Cheltenham Ladies College, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England between 1972 to 1982. Encouraged by the sterling performance of their young kid in her elementary school, the Sarakis enrolled their gifted child in another internationally acclaimed college, this time, Brook House College, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England between the years 1982 to 1984. She thereafter gained admission into one of UK’s first generation universities, the University of Sussex. Ever since its creation, Sussex has grown to become a leading teaching and research institution across the globe. Quite naturally, she had a memorable stay in the university, breaking new grounds and making friends that have till today remained part of her life and family.

From a sterling academic foundation which saw her traverse the length and breathe of the world in pursuit of academic laurels to a rich background in the private sector as a banker and expert in insurance brokerage, Gbemi has carved a niche for herself as a technocrat of repute in Nigeria.

Her political career started when she answered the call of her people to represent her constituents at different times since 1999 when the present democratic dispensation berthed. She consciously left her comfort zone as a topnotch Executive Director of one of Nigeria’s best paying private companies to venture into the murky water of politics of the country. She was at separate time in both the Green and the Red Chambers of the National Assembly as a member, representing the Ilorin West and as a Federal Constituency and later, as a Senator representing the Kwara Central Senatorial District, which saw her emerged as Nigerian Best Female Legislator, with the highest number of bills presented and got passed into law by any female in the political history of Nigeria.

Though I was an hardened critique of her gubernatorial ambition in the year 2011 due to some reasons best known to me, which is devoid from religion or my cultural stand but on a moral ground that her elder brother was just leaving the seat and he had the ambition of going into the senate.

Aunty Aduke has roundly touched the lives of all and sundry accross the length and breathe of my lovely state of harmony, hence the natural love she has been gaining from her people.

Just like a Yoruba adage that says we shouldn’t compare two children of the same father, GRS has shown that she is the true child of mutairu la gbaji as the legacies of the late political icon now lives with GRS: very respectful, jovial, fine human relations among others.

To my dear PMB I must observe that ever since you have been making appointments, this is the best so far, as the people of the state have been losing out due to lack of serious minded leaders who have the love of the people at heart at the federal executive council, no wonder some are praying that the second man should not come back as a minister, alas he made it back but the character in question should observe that it is not by his power and doing, but God gives him second chance to correct the wrongs of last four years.

To challenge the second nominee who is returning as a minister to provide whom he has created opportunities for in the state can be so irritating as he might have none to point at, may be he fails to understand that as a minister, he is the connection between his people and the corridor of power, well there is still time for amendment.

As for my every day crush, I won’t congratulate you yet but pray to God to guide you through in your potential task, and to take you away from sycophants who might be praise-singing you by not allowing you to know what the people actually want, albeit I am convinced that your slot is to the big advantage of the state. Best wishes, ma’am.

Razaq writes from [email protected]



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