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Christians urged to praise God always, have faith, prepare for heaven

From Debra Ajulo, Ilorin

Christians have again been charged to constantly engage in praising God no matter their situation as a way of unlocking the supernatural.

In his sermon today, the minister in charge of Living Faith Church, Irewolede, Ilorin, Pastor Theophilus Bajulaiye who explained that, “Praise is an unbeatable instrument of unlocking the supernatural” called on Christians to always praise God for who He is and what He has done.

“He has kept you all these years of your life. No matter how bad you think your present situation is, it is another man’s prayer point. There are many praying and fasting to be where you are today,” he said.

Speaking on the theme of the month, Unlocking the Supernatural, Pastor Bajulaiye who also identified Angels as another instrument in unlocking the supernatural disclosed that, “they (angels) are spiritual personalities though unseen but their impact can’t be denied.”

Underscoring the importance of angels, the man of God explained that, “Going through the Bible no man, including Jesus Christ, successfully fulfilled  earthly assignment without the ministration of angels.”

Pastor Bajulaiye

Pastor Bajulaiye who enumerated the functions of angels stressed that, “to activate the help of angels, you must be born again, you must be a true child of God. You must also be addicted to the word of God and be spiritually sensitive.”

However, reading from Exodus 23:20-22, Pastor Bajulaiye cautioned against rebelling against the angels pointing out that it is grievous.

In a related development, Christians have also been charged to have faith in God and His ability to do all things.

Reverend Theo Bola Payimo gave the charge today in his sermon delivered at the thanksgiving service to round off the Youth Fellowship week of the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church Ilorin District Headquarters.

Speaking on the Topic “Contending for the Faith” Reverend Payimo urged Christians to stand firm in the faith and be true followers of Jesus Christ through their characters.

Reverend Payimo who advised Christians to be prayerful and move closer to God appealed to believers to follow the teachings of the Most High God and always pay their tithes to receive abundant blessings from God.

Also the minister in charge of Grace Land aka Fountain of Life, off Taoheed road, Basin area, Ilorin, Prophetess Bello Rachel Omolola has urged Christians to always be ready for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Prophetess Bello

In her sermon at today’s Sunday service, the Prophetess cautioned against going weary in expectation for the second coming of Christ.

“You must have heard this gospel countless times but are you truly ready for the Day of the Lord? Coming to Church regularly and being active in the vineyard is irrelevant if your name is not recognised in heaven.

“Our earthly assignment is to please God; to live our lives according to His will so if you are acting or living contrary to this you are already failing in the reason for your being here on earth, ” she said.

The Prophetess who reminded Christians to always pursue Kingdom interests assured that every other thing will be added unto them including solutions to all their anxieties and heart desires.



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