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Coronavirus: The untold prophecy of Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Obafemi Babajide

Amidst the ravaging pestilence called Corona Virus and code-named Covid-19, Pastor EA Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God today during a live broadcast service, from the Dove Studio of the RCCG Camp; viewed all over the world, let out one of the prophecies that God gave him about 2020 but he refused to share for the fear of throwing the whole world into confusion and making himself a security risk.

Pastor Adeboye revisited the 2020 prophecy, that he released earlier this year and shed more light on that particular one that looks shrouded and unclear. He said, that the Lord had told him that the whole world will behave like a child in convulsion this year. 

He said he felt, that the outbreak of wildfire, volcano, landslide, flood and building collapse was enough description of the world behaving like a child in convulsion, little knowing that there might be more to come.

Adeboye said that the Lord told him loud and clear, that the whole world will be on holidays this year “there shall be global holidays this year”, he said he feared greatly when he heard this but he decided not to include it in the list of prophecies he read out to the people at the beginning of the year because of certain reasons.

Adeboye said, that the closest that the world was to this kind of global shut down was during the 911 terror attack on the world trade centre tower in America when after that dastard incident, flights were grounded and not accepted to fly into or around America.

Pastor EA Adeboye, said, “I did not release this prophecy because the Lord did not explain to me, the format this holiday will take, I had thought that if this world holiday came in the form of an attack, a global terrorist attack and I had prophesied it, and it happened, the security might come for me thinking I had the foreknowledge of the planning and execution of such attack.

The General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church of God said that the Corona Virus was an epidemic sent by God to the world to assert his superiority over men and women and the boastful rulers of the world.

He admonished Christians, mostly RCCG members and all those who did the 50 days fasting that he declared this year, to relax and enjoy their holiday as no pestilence will touch any of them. He said, that those who mocked us [those who mocked the people that did the fasting] will have torrid time this period but his children who obeyed will have no qualms.

Daddy G.O said, there is still an opportunity for those who didn’t join the fasting programme then, to do so now, in other to put themselves under the cover of the almighty. Pastor Adeboye said that “it is time for you to laugh at the people who mocked and scorn you then for fasting and obeying God’s directives”. 

He further said that the virus will subside to the background soon, as soon as God has shown His almightiness, activities will resume in the whole world as soon as everyone shows remorse but he refused to say when precisely. 

Daddy G.O said that against the prophecies making the round that the virus will disappear soon, the virus will not go away, it will just only go down to the background like ebola and some other epidemic had done.

Pastor Adeboye said “I read a prophet that said Coronavirus will vanish on the 27th of March, I said amen, I also read another that said a seven days rainfall will happen and it will wash the virus away, I said amen too. What I know is that anyone that expects the virus to go totally, let me tell you point-blank, na lie. Whenever the world messes up again to God, He knows what to do.”

Daddy G.O who took his sermon from Psalm 91, admonished all believers to move closer to God and dwell in his secret place to avert being involved or contacting any pestilence and disaster happening to unbelievers. Pastor Adeboye said, in obeying constituted authority, RCCG will continue with live broadcast service until the situation becomes better. He told all believers and all his sons and daughters to enjoy their holiday, as nothing bad shall happen to them.

We shall be keeping taps to know if there are other untold prophecies for 2020 by Pastor Adeboye or any other Prophet and Pastor in Nigeria or around the world.



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