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COVID-19: Makinde to contract local tailors for face mask production

The Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, is considering contacting tailors in the state for the production of face mask.

Makinde, who was tested positive for Coronavirus Disease, gave this hint in a post on his Twitter handle.

He added that if there was a need to make a law to enforce everybody in the state to put on face mask before leaving their home, the state will look into it.

Makinde said the state was not going to lockdown because everybody is doing so.

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He tweeted: “I have been watching CNN and the most successful place right now in containing this is the Czech Republic.

“And one of the things they brought out is that they made a law that if you must leave your house, you must wear a mask.

“It may be that route for us to go.

“I have asked them to start evaluating that.

“If we must make that law and say everybody that must go out must wear a mask, then, how about those who cannot afford it.

“Can we make masks locally?

“Can we get our artisans and our tailors to commit to that with the govt supporting?

“So, those are the type of solutions we are looking for.”



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