Diezani Allison-Madueke’s cousin, Ineifeye Kelsy Agama, has been declared a serial sex offender on a watch list in the United States of America.

It has now been revealed that the relative of the former Minister of Petroleum is an alleged sex offender on the federal watch list in the United States.

The revelation came as security agencies launched a man-hunt on him. The young man in his forties is said to go by the name Ineifeye Kelsy Agama alias I. Agama Kelsy and was last resident at 10654 Inside Loop in Orlando Florida. He had reportedly lived in Richmond Texas and later in New York.

According to the records, it was in Texas that he was said to have raped five under-aged girls at different times including one that is 14 years of age. He was arrested by the police later but flee to New York when he was released on bail on health grounds.

While in Orlando his numerous offences became an issue of tension with his ex-wife Etse-Oghena who started dating and later married one of his close friends back in New York.

He later had to return to Abuja, Nigeria and became a contractor at the Presidential Amnesty Office and the Petroleum sector using the influence of his sister.

He is said to own numerous companies like Merikel Energy and Maritime Engineering, Aqua Prima Water Limited, Merikel Hospitality through which he allegedly engaged in money laundering on behalf of the former minister.

These revelations have triggered security agencies who are now on red alert to arrest and prosecute him.

It is not clear whether he has been paying the required taxes under US laws.

For now, no one is aware whether he is back home or hiding in America as both the US and Nigerian government seem to be on his trail as nobody has any reliable information on his whereabouts.

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