Leadership they say is inbuilt, while some people believe it can be taught, many are of the opinion that it is a mindset of a person to influence social change, communicate with followers and accept responsibility at all time.

Engr Folorunsho Olafemi’s leadership traits depict that of an innately born leader who is able to shoulder responsibility, achieve a vision, communicate and carry his followers along in the scheme of things, as well as maximizing the potentials of his followers and pushing them to stardom.

Engr Folorunsho Olafemi, a young man who has made his mark in his career, has leaves many wondering how he was able to indoctrinate the people of Yagba federal constituency into believing in what he can bring on the table if given the opportunity to represent them at the green chamber of the National Assembly.

Engr Olafemi has instilled trust in the minds of Yagba residents through his unceasing empowerment programs which cut across Yagba federal constituency.

Engr Olafemi’s scholarship programs has secured free education to hundreds of students across Yagba federal constituency, the records are there, he has placed priority on education and human empowerment.

What about his infrastructural projects? widow and youth empowerment which he normally do annually? without much exaggeration, Engr Olafemi’s scorecard outshines the performances of some people who are accessible to public funds. He’ll do wonders if given the opportunity to serve.

Engr Folorunsho Olafemi is an educated and a vibrant young man who has the energy and vigour to run around and attend to any assignment which will see to the development of Yagba federal constituency.

A man who knows and understands what his people need. Someone who is well conversant with the people at the grass roots. Behold the people of Yagba, the man you all have long waited for.

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