Born Moshood Folorusho, MC Shood, is an Ilorin based up-coming act. In this interview with our correspondent the newly signed artist speaks on his past, genre of music and the journey so far. He also unveils his plans for the future and how his hometown, Ilorin, has influenced him.

Can we meet you?

I’m Moshood Folorunsho by name popularly known as Mc Shood. I’m afro hip pop artist. I was born and bred in Ilorin.

Why music as a career?

My Dad loved music a lot, he awaken that interest in me. I could remember the time of Daddy Shokky, people will come to our house to listen to it whenever my Dad played the music. Also, Baba 70 was highly loved by my Dad. My Dad will be home all alone playing Fela music. I used to wonder, why only him, so, I grew up listening to Fela music with the intention to unravel why he took so much delight playing.

Later, I resolved to sing like Fela one day, then, I pick Nigeria deplorable condition to form my music content, a friend overheard me and began questioning to know who made the song. I told him it was me then, he was shocked. He later advice me to pick up strong interest in music.

Also, I met a man, popularly called OG, though late now. OG had a group then called Black Family. He was the first person to write rap lyrics for me. He was an artist who love bringing up young talents. The first day I rapped, OG condemed it saying I was not rapping but talking. He told me to start rapping in front of a mirror to build confidence, which I did.

You’ve talked about afro and other kind of music, what’s your own type?

Actually rap music is my choice but with the kind of society we find ourselves today, rappers are facing lots of challenges in the area of promotion. Nigerians this days don’t believe in serious music laced with in-depth lyrics.

Meanwhile rap music always convey strong message. We express ourselves better in rap. But, I’ve learn o we the years to combine rap and singing just to be able to cover reasonable numbers of interest of my fans

Your were the challenges so far?

Challenges are just too much. Let me begin from where I come from in Ilorin. I was born and bred here. Everyone in the world knows Ilorin is renowned for Islamic religion.

Considering the kind of home I came from, my grandpa has never supported me singing, he believed Islam doesn’t go in line with that. No support from my Dad, nor anyone in the family but one funny thing is, they didn’t stop me from doing music. They’ve left me to my fate.

Do you have an album already?

Yes, I do with some mind-blowing tracks Nigerians must listen to

Where do you want to see yourself in the next two years?

Very soon by God’s grace, I want to be among those who will be nominated for Grammy award. This is what I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. My dream is to become so big in life through music.

What message do you pass through your lyrics?

Presently, Nigeria is passing through mess, banditry, kidnapping, economic issue. My lyric is not one way, it depends on what comes to mind at a particular time I feel like writing.

Will you advice young talents to venture into music?

Yes of course, music is a very good business. Check Lagos, every artist go to there because they want to be known. There are industries there, people who does event, but, reverse is the case in Ilorin.

Due to lack of encouragement, a lots of people have list their talents. Someone like me is still in music because we know, we don’t have anywork we can do outside music. I’m a graduate, from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in 2018 and I studied Management and Accounting. I’ve never dreamt of using my certificate to look for job. If it’s not music, it’s nothing else.

Are you planning to go to Lagos too?

Ilorin has always been my base. For now, I’m here. I cannot go there now and be sleeping under bridge.

Any plan to do collaboration with artists in Nigeria?

Very well, I want to be on set with Burna Boy, Wizkid, Olamide, Reminisce.

When did you drop your first Album and how stressful was it for you?

I released the album 2020, titled ‘Ire’. It’s on audio mark. Even before dropping that, I’ve got some singles.

Are you single?
Yes, very single for now

Are you searching?
Searching in case you have for me, I’m opened.

What’s your type of woman?
I love it full and endowed with good spirit, mind and intellect.

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