A distraught customer has narrated how his bank, Zenith Bank, fraudulently debited his account of the sum of N800,000 without authorization.

News Hub Mag! reports that Thomas Ochuka, a Lagos State-based electrician in this report detailed how N800,000 mysteriously left his Zenith Bank account.

This platform understands that Ochuka told FIJ in a report monitored by News Hub Mag! that he woke up on February 7 to learn that Zenith Bank had sent several debit alerts to his phone.

“On Monday, a client sent me N800,000 so I could assist him in carrying out a project he gave to me,” Ochuka said.

Bank statement showing the period N800,000 impacted Ochuka’s account

“That same night, I used my Zenith Bank debit card to withdraw N21,000 at a POS stand; that was on February 6.

Debit alerts received

“Surprisingly, I started receiving strange debit alerts around 4 am on Tuesday. I received the debit alerts four times and each transaction reflected a deduction of N200,000.

“The funds were transferred to strange account names like Chidiebere Dabiel Aguzie, who has an OPAY account, and Isaiah Shola Ejiboye. Ejiboye’s account received N200,000 twice. The name of last recipient is Agbona Stanley Igwemoh, who operates a Palmpay account. He also received a N200,000 transfer.”

Ochuka said he tried lodging a complaint at a Zenith Bank branch on Tuesday morning but the bank had shut down its Lagos branches to prevent attacks from residents protesting fuel and cash scarcity.

“When I could not lodge a complaint in any of their branches, I eventually called the bank’s customer care line and the official I spoke with placed a restriction on my account to prevent further unauthorised debits,” Ochuka said.

“I was eventually directed to one of their centres in Ilupeju that was still in operation and the official I spoke with printed out my account statement for me.

“The bank has, however, refused to assure me they will help me recover my money. I have not compromised my debit card or account details in any manner. I have always been careful with sensitive objects like that.

“I don’t even know where to start anymore. The N800,000 is not my money. It is for a client’s project. Zenith Bank should please help me recover my money.

“This is clearly a case of fraud, a case of theft. The money must be recovered.”

FIJ sent an email to Zenith Bank’s customer care desk for comments on Wednesday, but it had not been responded to as of press time.


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