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‘King of Satan’ with 58 wives says he cannot withstand insolence from wives

A herbalist, Simon Odo, popularly called Onu Uwa, has explained the reason behind his decision to marry 58 women, saying most men die untimely due to pressure from bad wives.

Odo, who is also known as King of Satan, spoke on Monday in an interview with journalists on why he married his 58th wife recently.

He said he could not tolerate insolence and unruly behaviour from the women, adding that he used to marry a new wife anytime he was let down by the attitude of any of his previous wives.

The herbalist, who hails from Aji in the Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, stated, “I marry anytime any of my wives insults me. I cannot stand a woman insulting me.

“If there are 20 dead men in Nigeria, for instance, only five of them die naturally. The other 15 deaths are caused by heartbreaks and bad attitudes of their wives. That is why I marry anytime a woman insults me.”

On how he provides for his large family, Odo said God did not make mistakes by giving him many children as He provides for all His creatures.



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