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Kogi guber: Igala group dumps Bello, urges members to vote Wada

From Tunde Rahman, Lokoja

Barely 3weeks to the November 16 governorship election in Kogi state, the paramount Igala socio-cultural group in the East Senatorial District of kogi state, the Igala Cultural and Development Association (ICDA) has said Governor Yahaya Bello has performed  poorly, and as such, he should not be offered a second term in office.

This was contained in a statement made available to News Hub Mag! and signed by ICDA, Kogi state chapter  in Lokoja shortly after a meeting of members of the top sociocultural group.

The group instructed all Igala sons and daughters to vote enmasse for  the candidate of Igala descent, Engineer Musa Wada,  the standard bearer  of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the forthcoming guber elections in the state.

The statement which was signed by Shaibu Mohammed, the acting President and Saba Alex Amuda, the secretary of the Association stated that the present administration in the state  led by Alhaji Yahaya Bello has deliberately sidelined the Igala speaking people in all scheme of things.

The umbrella organ of Igala nation maintained that “it strongly believes in fairness, justice, and equity, and will support any qualified credible and resourceful governorship candidate from any part of the state”‘ but that “8-year rule should not be mandatory and automatic in the face of this absymal performance”.

The ICDA stated further that its decision to support Wada for the coveted governorship seat is not on primordial or divisive tribal sentiments but based on critical assessment of current situation in the state that is not heart warming.

“The Igala Cultural and Development Association (ICDA), Kogi state chapter and key stakeholders have declared total support for Engr Musa Wada in the forthcoming November 2019 gubernatorial election and enjoin all sons, daughters and indeed all well-meaning citizens of Kogi state to follow this resolution in the interest of the people of the state”,  the ICDA said.

The apex cultural group therefore  noted that one of the most important criteron for winning elections globally, especially for a party in power, is performance, saying that  however, that good governance has really  eluded the state in the last four years under the current leadership.

“There has been no single infrastructural project in any part of the state initiated, completed and commissioned by the APC-led administration. Worse still, civil servants salaries, allowances and pension of retirees have never been paid regularly nor in full despite unprecedented huge financial allocations, bailouts, Paris Club refunds and other loans obtained from financial institutions. 

“These are different from funds generated by BIR that the state got and wasted in four years. This reckless spending has put Kogi state in abject poverty, misery and debt that children yet unborn wil pay dearly for.” the ICDA said.

It added that at “the moment, the Igala nation has been deliberately sidelined at the national and state levels in all fronts and positions. The Igala nation has become a laughing stock and subject of ridicule within and outside the state”.

ICDA hinted further that the publications emanating from some Ebira persons have led credence to their recent outbursts,  with attendant insults and derogatory insinuations in the face of current political situation leading to November 2019 gubernatorial election. 

“We, as I gala people, take very seriously the insults and insinuations contained in the said publication, both in the social media and other media. We therefore call on all leadership of Ebira people to urgently renounce, disown and dissociate themselves from such and subsequently caution their sons and daughters against such provocative utterances and publications as these are capable of heating up the polity, causing crisis, unnecessary acrimony and endangering peaceful co-existence among the people.

“In the face of the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state, ICDA members are of the belief that the election should be free, fair and the contest should be open to all eligible citizens of Kogi state.

Thus, groups, committees, societies and associations should be at liberty to take positions and support candidate(s) of their choice, without fear or ill-will”, the statement read.

The cultural group said “in the light of the above, ICDA, as the umbrella organ of the Igala nation, is duty bound to retain, sustain and support the position that is in the best interest of the state and the Igala nation. 

“Therefore, all Igala people at home and abroad are enjoined to support the candidate of Igala descent. ICDA stance is not on primordial and divisive tribal sentiments as being propagated by some Ebira persons in the media.



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