Lagos: First day of ban on Keke, Okada, commuters groan


From Babajide Obafemi, Lagos

In what appears to mean walking the talk, the Lagos State Government is leaving no stone unturned at securing the lives of Lagosians.

The Babajide Sanwo-Olu led government has kick started the enforcement of the ban on tricycle popularly known as “Keke Marwa” and motorcycle, known as “Okada” as a means of transportation in some grade A roads in Lagos State.

The announcement which was made earlier was welcome with mix feelings as commuters and transporters felt the government could reach a truce with the operators of such means of transportation in Lagos State.

The government had announce February 1st as the day for commencement of enforcement of this ban. The government had also announce some local government roads as those roads that “Okada” and “Keke” cannot ply at all for no reason in Lagos. These local government includes, Apapa, Lagos Mainland, Surulere, Eti Osa, Lagos Island, Ikeja and many more; effective from February 1, 2020.

Although, compliance cannot be deemed to be 100 percent in the first day of the enforcement of the ban, but this reporter went round the state and saw a high level of compliance today by operators of such means of transportations, except for a few operators who flagrantly disobey the law with the excuse of looking for their daily bread.

Lagosians who felt the government did not consult nor gave an alternative to these means of transportation were however groaning and lamenting about the hardship the ban will cause to innocent citizens and commuters in the state.

People were seen stranded, while some were walking to their destinations as they discussed with dissatisfaction the hard effect of this new law. Some were heard asking if this will be the reward of their trust and vote for the new APC government of Babajide Sanwo-Olu in Lagos State.

The government on his own part, lamented that aside the increase in crime and safety owning to the use of these transportation means, the youths on the other hand are no longer interested in learning a trade or furthering their education because of the daily money they make from these quick business, not minding the resultant effect and hazard.

This reporter intends to keep tab of events as it unfolds, in a bid to know who blinks first between commuters, operators and the government.


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