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Let’s go back to location -Mr. Latin tells TAMPAN members

As the country gradual returns to normal the President of Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Otunba Bolaji Amusan better known as Mr. Latin has urged members of the association to return to location News Hub Mag! reports.

In the statement personally signed by him, Mr. Latin applauded all members of the association for their endurance and patriotism.

The statement reads, “I salute your endurance of the sufferance you have encountered with the unfortunate pandemic of Coronavirus popularly known as COVID 19. Even in the heat of provocations of the suffering naturally caused by this hazardous global crisis, you stood firm with us and abide by the proclamations of the association to stop shooting films and other related productions.

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“In order to mitigate the effect that the pandemic has on our filmmaking ventures and personal lives, I hereby relax the lockdown on location order I earlier issued; and this decision is based on the declaration of our State Governments’ relaxation order taking effect from June 1st 2020.

“However, it is essential for us to know that the Pandemic has not been defeated; COVID 19 is still real which is the reason we should take the necessary precautionary measures that will protect us from the virus in the course of our works.”

“I hereby recommend the following to be observe during our film productions

“Producers must provide soap and running water for constant washing of hands by both the cast and the crewmembers.

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“He must also provide sanitizer, as it is compulsory for everybody on set to sanitize his or her hands in every ten minutes.

“Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness, coughing or sneezing repeatedly, and quickly report such case(s) to the production managers for necessary actions.

“Since the virus can spread through breathing in droplets from an infected person, the sitting arrangement in the location bus should be two persons per seat in tandem with the NCDC standard.

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“Use your Nose & Mouth Mask whenever you are not acting before the camera.

“The significance of these recommended measures is to prevent us from the potential risks we may face because the collaborative nature of filmmaking will not allow for social distancing.

“Finally, I thank you once again for being law-abiding members of this association and citizens of our great country Nigeria. Continue to be responsible, together we shall sail through the pandemic.”



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