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Musa Wada divisive, vindictive, lacks respect for traditional institution -Ohikere

From Tunde Rahman

Dr. Tom Ohikere, the Secretary of the Media and Publicity Committee of the 2019 Kogi State APC Governorship Campaign Council, has accused the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of being vindictive and divisive and showing contempt to the traditional chiefs in the state.

Ohikere said the refusal of Mr Wada to visit the Attah Igalaland and the Obaro of Kabba when the party held their rally in Idah and Kabba respectively is ample sign that he holds these Paramount chiefs of Kogi East and Kogi West  with little or no regards.

Ohikere made this known when he spoke to some journalists on Saturday in Anyigba.

He said unlike the government of Kogi state that have heeded the good counsel of these royal fathers in the administration of the state, Musa Wada in his pompousness has decided to circumvent them in appealing to the people which is reckless and short-sightedness on his part.

He said: “Musa Wada is belittling our traditional leaders and institutions. These are the leaders of the people, how would you go to their domains to campaign and canvas for votes without even paying them a nominal courtesy call. These are the symbols of our people and are available to receive any of the candidates in the forthcoming election as it is the usual thing to do.¬†

“Musa Wada not going to them when he campaigned in these areas to solicit the good will of these Chiefs shows that he knows that these leaders are not with them and if the leaders are not with them, how do you expect the people to support you.

“So this is nothing but sheer arrogance and if he has his chance, that is the kind of rancorous administration we can expect to see. A truly man of the people should respect the people by respecting their leaders.

“If because the candidate of one party has visited these leaders you say you won’t visit them, it is wrong, they are leaders of every body with the role to meditate and counsel on issues bothering their communities. So how do you assess the needs of these communities if you cannot reason with their leaders.

“That means if a personality like this succeeds to power he will unleash a vindictive governance style and that I believe is additional reason why the people of Kogi state should resist him. For such arrogance cannot engender harmony and entrench progress.

“By this attitude he has shown that he is not the man for the job and aims to reverse the gains of the new direction government which through their Ebigo project have worked tirelessly to unite the various tribes in Kogi State.



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