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Pep up this festive season with this prodigious tips

By Atijegbe Faith

Every Yuletide, our families always have that particular routine that they never forget to follow nor change. This routine have been repeated so constantly that they have become traditions.

The most common one amongst us is eating rice and chicken, with soft drinks on Christmas and New Year day. It doesn’t go far from fried rice, or fruit wine, with turkey, if the tradition wants to be altered a little.

Well, deep down ain’t you tired of repeating the same thing every end of the year? Don’t you want to experience something new? I know you do… So here are some great tips you should follow for a jucied up and racy Christmas and New Year season -and hey, you are welcome in advance.

Bake and cook together: You don’t have to be a chef or foodie to do this, it is Christmas and we are trying out many things. Let every member of the family be engaged in the food making, especially the males. I promise you, it would be much fun.

Have a Christmas Movie Night: I know how parents can be up tight about everyone in the house going to bed before 11 or 10 pm, but it’s a festive season! every one in the house can stay up to watch a movie… a Christmas movie, definitely.

Popcorn can also be served to ensure that no one sleeps before the movie is over. When the Children are away, the adults can watch 18 rated movies like “Bad Santa” and “The Night Before” 🙄. And much hopefully, the Power Holding Company would also want to watch a movie, too.

Make Christmas Cards At Home: This would be very intriguing for children especially, and as an adult you get the opportunity to delve into childhood again. All you need are cardboard papers, pens of different colors, or crayons (or coloring pencils), gum, and Christmas stickers -this can be cut out from magazines, newspapers, and other journals

If there is an artist in the family, then he/she can draw directly on the cards. Enjoy!

Have a Family Game Night: Agreed, this is Nigeria and games like snow ball throw, or ornament don’t trend here, so we sould enjoy what we have.

Any type of game goes here, from ludo to whot, to Christmas Q and A, to Monopoly, to Ayò, to even video games, just ensure that the whole family participates in the game. And yes you can totally invent your own Christmas games.

Storytelling\ Trivia\ Present and Past Christmas comparison: Say on Christmas eve, or any other Christmas day, let the whole family come together, it can be a little picnic, (visitors can also be welcomed), and let the best speaker say a Christmas story (preferably from the bible). Facts about Christmas, can also be shared. An older person can tell the youngsters how Christmas was celebrated in their time; if it is better now or worst.

Recap the year with family pictures: We’ve come a very long way from the beginning of 2019, the year would come to an end in a matter of days, why not ruminate on the past happenings (the bad, good, ugly, happy, and beautiful moments), and with evidence of picture. This could very passionate for a group that has swerved through ups and downs and are still together 😪.

***Family in this article doesn’t refer only to ones biological family, family are the people with whom you feel the happiest with.



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