Prayers answered if warnings are adhered to -Khalifa Babalola


Khalifa AbdulGafar Olalekan Babalola of the Toriqat Satia Organisation Worldwide Ministries, has identified that prayers are usually hindered from being answered because the corresponding warnings are always ignored, especially for frivolous reasons. 

Khalifa Babalola made this statement on Sunday while delivering his sermon to mark the annual birthday celebration of the Founder, Sheikh Rasheed Karamollah at the Headquarters of the Ministry in Omoowo area of Offa town.

The Khalifa who reminded the gathering that only God should be approached for solutions to any problem. He stressed the need for the people to always remember that God determines events and only He can do anything and everything, 

News Hub Mag! reports that the sect celebrates the birthday of the Founder, Sheikh Rasheed Karamollah every June 18th, at its headquarters in Omo-Owo Area of Offa, in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara state. 

In the words of Khalifa Babalola, “God gave every human being the opportunity to call on him at will, and at every time and day, but ignoring warnings that come after the prayers usually hinder prayers from being answered and this has always made the difference.

“We need to always pray and also work towards making the prayers to be answered. Some of these warnings are contained in His Commandments, and we only need to adopt them and see the effect of the prayers.”

He added that God Almighty created every living soul for a reason, and making such purposes fully manifest on earth depends largely on each and every individual’s ability to try to break such curses like generational, household and self inflicted curses, all of which he said, are impediments to answered prayers. 

While reflecting on the birthday of the Founder, Sheikh Rasheed Karamallah, the Khalifa averred that it’s a special day in the life of adherents as it is a day of prayers and celebration of love.

Khalifa Babalola said that everything that we do or say is by the grace of Satia (God) , and that we must not continue to act as ungrateful beings by forgetting all His commandments.

He said that disobedience to the established will of the Creator and the schemes of the devil and temptations are the three things that make people go astray and which must be avoided.

While greeting members worldwide on the celebration, Kahilfa Babalola said that Toriqat Satia, popularly called all-in-one, is a way that teaches love and justice to all humans, irrespective of faith, political leanings and gender.


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