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Projections: Five businesses to venture into after COVID-19 lockdown

By Obafemi Babajide

The world is presently going through tough times, as no continent is being left out of the present ravaging pandemic that unsettles even the most developed countries and superpower; the coronavirus.

Statistics show that even the mighty ones are most affected. The superpower that roars while others shivers are cringing under the tiny, loud and deafening shriek of the invincible yet reverberative Coronavirus.

Records made available had shown that the world’s biggest brothers, without making any mockery of them, The US leads in the number of confirmed cases while countries like Spain, Italy and our colonial master, the UK are cautiously trailing not too far behind.

Surprisingly, none of the so-called third world Africa countries is worst hit; this is not because we are even prepared or are still prepared up till now, but maybe just again, luck and the God factor favours us. How long this may continue, not even the most clairvoyant would say.

The best we as a people will do for ourselves is to drop this clothe of disbelieve, accept the true fact that coronavirus exists [that is for those still doubting it], accept the sit at home order in good faith [that is the best we can get from our leaders for now], and hope that mother luck will keep beaming at us.

Let me quickly warn here that with the colossal damage that coronavirus does in those videos and pictures we see in developed countries where they have the capacity to deal with epidemics, viruses and health crisis, we do not stand any chance of survival with our present health care system if the worst happens. God forbid!

Now, may we quickly go to the reason for this write up which is knowing the five businesses one could do after the lockdown. Believing that by then, the pandemic battle would have been fairly won.

The COVID-19 lockdown no doubt had created more intimacy between couples these days, expectedly one will believe that a lot of bedroom activities would have gone down since a lot of people might be idle so it is safe to expect high baby delivery rate as a post-COVID-19 effect. Suggestively, baby stuff will thrive after the lockdown. Take this advice to the bank.

Secondly, no household can do without food. Knowing Nigerians and the way we treat ourselves, we know that the prices of food will jack up [it is already jacking up now] after the lockdown. It is some kind of good news for those who are already into foodstuff and livestock farming, Nigerians will hike the prices of food as an effect of the COVID-19 even where and when it is not necessary because they know that people must eat.

Also, pure water businesses will thrive because of the hike in production materials, a lot of people will not be able to afford table water again, thereby turning to the most available, sachet water. There is the possibility that the sachet water aka pure water becomes twenty nairas per one instead of the usual ten nairas.

Fourth, if you have a land that you bought and it is fenced, you better start thinking about a makeshift event centre. Prices of event centres will go up, people who had planned their weddings and had to postpone because of the lockdown will jostle for the availability of event centres and those who have the cash will get one. It is expected that those who have big canopies and those who have fallow lands could partner to give out their wares as an event centre. Jobs like event anchoring, event planning and other event and party vendors will thrive, if you have the skill, why not sharpen it

Finally, flight tickets will jack up. Some people are already stranded in the country while some have visas that they don’t want to waste. There is going to be a mad rush to get out or into the country immediately the lockdown is over and the air space is functional. It is only good for anyone who has the knowledge of booking and ticketing to sharpen it up and make some money as a result of the impending rush.

Obafemi writes from his isolation room.



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