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Rumble in Aso rock, as fight between Aisha and the cabal gets messier

Nigerians woke up yesterday to another episode that took away the twitter trend of the effect of Cardi B’s visit to Nigeria. Recalled that, immediately the songstress left Nigeria, she made her way to Ghana for another performance; she however was not too pleased with her reception in Ghana, or she was just overwhelmed by the reception and fun she caught in Nigeria. Every experience, down to the food she ate in Nigeria was worth the effort to her.

This however, sparked a Nigeria versus Ghana twitter row, tempers were flayed, and old rivalry were renewed. Summarily, the jollof rice competition rivalry was settled by Cardi B, who according to twitter users, loved Nigeria jollof rice more. 

This trend, trended for days nonstop, before we woke up to yesterday’s rants, by Nigerians First Lady, in her vocal style. She came out with damning accusations against Aso Rock spokesperson, Mr Garba Shehu.  The First Lady accused Garba Shehu of conniving with the Aso Rock cabal, in meddling with the domestic affairs in Mr President’s home.

Mrs Buhari, who came home hurriedly from her medical vacation, when rumours where riffed, that her husband was going to marry another wife few months ago; accused Mr Shehu of sponsoring a leaked video through Mamman Daura’s daughter, that made people looked at her as if she was been locked out of the villa on her return.

Mrs Buhari who felt, Mr Garba had gone ahead to cause the sack of her media aides, were it not for her timely interventions instead of responding to correct the insinuations the video had caused her in public, but that, findings by her shows how Garba has been a tool in the hands of Aso Rock cabals against her personality, children and the President’s home in general but they had always failed.

This is not the first time Mrs Buhari will take to her twitter handle or the use the social media to address and correct ills and wrong doings around the Presidency, Aso Rock or around her husband.  One of such outburst at a particular time got the President responding and referring her roles to the kitchen and to the other room, which got so many feminist around the world calling Mr President all sorts of names.

In like manner, she had fought Aso Rock Cabal to a standstill, owing to the fact that she believed that those men do not mean well for her husband and that, they had always advise him wrongly, she had voiced out occasionally, when she felt that those who even worked to enthrone Mr President, are been shot out of the government by these cabal.

Mr President, in his characteristic manner, has no responded to his wife’s claim, neither has Mr Garba Shehu done. Is this a sign of a big crack between the First Lady and the Aides of Mr president? In the record of Mrs Buhari’s rants on social media, she had never name dropped. Would calling out names of His Excellency’s personal Aide bring about the changes she desires or would it cause more mess and show down in the Villa? Only time will tell. Watch out for this space for more trending and breaking news as they uphold.



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