By Abdullahi O. Haruna Haruspice.

Since 2015, every election year, he finds himself on the ballot papers- in all of these attempts, he trailed from behind in abysmal defeats. He was never the favourite even though one of the most prepared. His people preferred the candidate of other parties. In all of this, he never considered himself a failure rather a contester in a race that had faster runners. Defined by incurable optimism and sheer and obstinate will, he trudged on his quest, today, he stands on the threshold of history to be announced as the Governor of Anambra State. His name is Charles Soludo, professor of economics and former governor of the central bank of Nigeria – undoubtedly, the second Nigerian to be Governor of a Bank and that of a state!

The story is not really in his victory as the poll but the lessons in his victory. He had a dream, he pursued it vigorously – fighting very dangerous obstacles. He never dwells on the limitations inherent in his state, he held firm to his quest and the rest as they say is now history.

There can be no success without failure. It is just part of the process. In the words of Robin Sharma, you need to fail to win. Those who lament about life are those who fear to try. They expect everything to fall unto them , forgetting that everything in life must be obtained by being deliberate. The story of Nigeria’s most consistent social critic, reformer and broadcaster Ordinary Ahmad Isah is a near example of never giving up no matter the failure. He has met failures coated in obstacles in almost all his life. Wherever he goes, he had people forming walls of impediments for him but typical of champions, he kept pushing. Today, all those who dug the pits of failure for him are nowhere in reference while some are surviving to feed on his benevolence.

How many times have you tried in life to get what you desired that you have failed? Why are you disillusioned when there is still tomorrow in your existence? Anyone who expects to win without failing is indeed not prepared to be a winner eventually, if na lie, ask Charles Soludo, the incoming Governor of Anambra State.

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