You can make money in piggery without degree in agriculture, unemployed youth told


As Kwara PFAN holds Piggycruise 4.0

Pig farming has been described as a veritable platform to positively engage both unemployed and underemployed youth in the country.

According to a seasoned piggery practitioner, Architect Dosu Adekeye, unemployed, underemployed and even those seeking another source of revenue should venture into pig farming as it remains an untapped goldmine in this part of the country.

Speaking on Thursday during the fourth Kwara Pork Festival christened Piggycruise 4.0 held at Latara Event Center, Olunlade area, Ilorin, Architect Adekeye noted that he last did agriculture in the ‘50s when he left the primary school but has been involved in pig farming for many decades.

“You don’t need to have a degree in agriculture before you succeed in this business. All you need is your passion and commitment to this business. And you must be teachable, most of those who run in and run out are those who refused to be teachable.

“You can’t know it all and most importantly you need to have people of like minds who are ready to assist you in the journey. People like the leadership of this association who are always ready to put you through; tell you what you are doing wrong and what you supposed to be doing.”

Architect Adekeye who is also the patron of the Pig Farmers Association of Nigeria (PFAN), Kwara state chapter, explained that the piggery business is a lucrative enterprise with great opportunities and urges the youth to tap into the many opportunities.

According to him, the piggery business has enough opportunities for youths in the country to tap into and make exploits.

The Kwara PFAN patron, however, called on pig farmers to comport themselves in a respectable manner stressing that, “how you are dressed is how you will be addressed. If you want people to respect you and your business you need to present yourself and your business to them in a way that will earn respect.

“When leaving the farm or when working on the farm be conscious of how you are dressed so that clients and others who come to your farm will be happy to identify with you,” he said.  

Earlier in his welcome address, the state chairman of PFAN, Mr Owolabi Kash, had told the gathering that the event is aimed at taking stock of activities and also encouraging both old and new members in the business.

“The pork business has opportunities for everyone. You can either be in the value chain or the actual fattening or rearing business, whichever one you opt for you will have cause to thank God because it is lucrative and less risky.”           

Kash who hinted that the election to elect a new crop of leaders to pilot the affairs of the association will take place next year explained that he and his team have laid a solid foundation for the association.

Also speaking at the event, the Committee chairman for Piggycruise 4.0, Mr Lekan Oyedepo, stated that the festival is aimed at promoting pork consumption and drawing attention to the many potentials of the business.

“Our focus is to promote pork consumption and the development of the value chain associated with the Pig farming industry. This is a platform to better expose our business to the whole world so that stakeholders and people that matter will get involved in ensuring that this business is profitably explored,” he said.

News Hub Mag! reports that a cross-section of members who attended the event explained that selling their pigs was difficult before they joined the association but this has changed since they joined the association. They talked about the cross-fertilization of ideas and other benefits as what they had enjoyed in the association.

Highlights of the event were games, talks and a pork grilling competition with lots of pork meat and drinks in a relaxed environment with good music.


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